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...Our Mission...

The Goddess Gram uses a box full of inspiring, elevating, and fun gifts to energetically connect to the divine.

Each Goddess Gram is put together uniquely for the one receiving it. Every box has a divine gram written to the receiver about each gift inside. 

This is an intuitive message through gifts, with intentions of connecting the gifts to the goddess receiving it.



Energy Reading

“My passion is giving gifts that speak uniquely to those receiving them. I use many different sources to help others connect with the divine within themselves and their own gifts. That’s how The Goddess Gram was born. It’s amazing to see a goddess lifted up or awakened into a new level of her being, into her own intuition. Connecting her with her own beauty, and exploring her true pleasures, passions and purpose. The divine gram and gifts are simply a spark to show her even more of her own light, and then she can run with her divine fire." -Taylor Adams, founder of The Goddess Gram

"Playing in the garden, making and giving gifts, infusing them with love, Reiki energy and supercharging them by the full moon are some of my favorite things to do. The Goddess Gram was created as a way to empower women, and energetically offer them tools to help regain clarity and their authentic power. It is fun witnessing when the gifts you give unleash the goddess within" - Dawn Renee, co-creator and Garden Goddess.

...Note to our goddesses...

You are a Goddess, in every way. The Goddess Gram is created to help you tune in to all that you are as a divine woman. So that you are able to see the divine in yourself. To evoke what feeds your spirit and elevate your energy in fun and joyful ways. The gifts you receive are given with intention and meaning. They point you toward your own inner gifts and personal meaning, tapping in to the divine inside you.   
Taylor Adams
Founder of the Goddess Gram