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Handcrafted Feather Loop Earrings


Handcrafted feather earrings, each one a unique and powerful expression of hope and spiritual growth. 

May the energy of freedom in the feather cause you to fly!!

Each set will come with an energy reading for the specific pair.

Details will vary slightly from order to order resulting in a unique creation.


Feathers are powerful symbols of hope and spiritual growth.  

We all have a desire for freedom.  Birds represent freedom because of their ability to fly.  The idea of being able to fly is a liberating one.  

Each bird or feather has an individual meaning and each are related to freedom.  Expressing our desire for freedom in the areas we feel less free is a way to liberate ourselves. and fly in those specific areas.  The truth is we are all fee.  We can all fly.  The how to is in breaking down the illusions that hold us captive.

May the energy of freedom in the feather cause you to fly!!



All the things – Multicolor, Peace – Natural colors, Love – Pinks, Communication – Purple, Spiritual Gifts are Rising – Red, Embracing Changes – White and Black, Light Worker – Blue, Awareness of the Path – Yellow


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